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Springin’ in the Rain

June 6th, 2017 kblack18

Spring Weekend came and went with the help of a week full of rain! I must say that though the weather wasn’t as sunny as my first year or as humid as last year, this year’s Spring Weekend was still great. Our Spring Concert opened with the winners of this year’s Battle of the Bands, The Nate Chung Project. They were followed by Timeflies and T-Pain. The concert was full and fun, with Timeflies even improvising about Holy Cross and T-Pain singing his heart out. Inflatables, food trucks, and other Campus Activity Board (CAB) events. That ended the first night of Spring Weekend.

Saturday was full of events, like the Easy Street Fair, fireworks, and the Outdoor Edge, which is a campus wide dance that happens twice a year. The fair is hosted by the CAB and the House Council’s of each building — little stations stand in front of each building and students can feel free to stop by each one. There is often caricatures, inflatables, fried Oreos, and more. The fireworks are my favorite event, because it’s adorable to see everyone snuggled next to their best friends on blankets or gazing up at the sky. The Outdoor Edge, however, is probably the most attended and most exciting.


On Monday, the club Developing and Educating South Asian Ideologies (DESI) puts on the Holi Festival, which is also known as the festival of colors. Later at night the Kimball Carnival takes place, where fried dough, carnival rides and games are free to all. Though it was rainy, many still made it to enjoy the last day of Spring Weekend.


So, the blog take-away is: College can be fun. Or at least, it can be really fun right before we start finals. The fried dough makes it all worth it, right? 



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