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Senior September

September 3rd, 2017 kblack18

So, we’re here, right? In September. Surprisingly (though it shouldn’t be a surprise after three years on the Hill), it’s already freezing most mornings. I put a good chunk of my winter clothes in my first laundry run of the year.

In other, more relevant news, senior year has begun! Classes are in full swing, everyone is reuniting with friends who were abroad, and seniors are grappling with the fact that this is their last year. Thankfully, I’ve got a great staff on the Figge Hall staff. We gelled right away — something that is quite rare, and there is a level of trust and comfort that is wonderful to see in a staff.

I’ve gone through Resident Assistant (RA) training three times and this summer’s training was definitely one of the best. Being a senior RA is definitely different from my two years as an RA in Wheeler, one of our first-year halls. Everyone is kind of on their own groove as a senior, especially since they have their roommates, a kitchen, a bathroom, and everything else in their apartments. My goal is to still create a warm atmosphere on my hall and in the building so that our last year on the Hill is still welcoming and encouraging.

Excited for this year and grateful for a wonderful staff!


This was one of the first days of training. In fact, I think this was the first day.


This was the last day of training. <3


This was after we found Nemo. There was a training scavenger hunt and the theme of training was Disney.

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  1. Jana Rich says:

    Amazing life with seniors. I remember it when I was in college.

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