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June 6th, 2017 kblack18


Next year I’ll be a senior. The majority of my friends will be seniors. I have been blogging since my first year, so those memories are documented and dear to my heart. This senior year, however, is probably going to go by faster than the past three. So, I thought I’d start blogging about it earlier — now, in the summer.

Packing up my belongings in Wheeler was not only other-worldly, it was also bittersweet. Living in a first-year building for three years is rare and people always questioned how I did it. The truth is, it was amazing. It is true that first year RAs have to do a lot, that some nights are crazy loud, and the halls aren’t always the cleanest. However, there is always a sense of joy and the great future of possibilities in those buildings. For most of its residents, that building represents the start of their college career! I got to experience that fresh-faced, beautiful atmosphere three times in a row. I count that as a blessing. Three years on the third floor of Wheeler could not have been more perfect.

Next year, I’ll be living in Figge, one of the senior apartments. I’ll finally be living with my grade again, with my friends down the hall and my peers all around me. It’ll be a transition, seeing as I’ve only ever worked as an RA for first years. However, our Figge staff is fantastic. Though the building will be full of different kind of atmosphere, that same sense of joy and future of possibilities will still surround me — just in an alternative way. I mean, we’re starting the next chapters of our lives in Figge. I can’t even imagine how strange and wonderful it’ll all be.

So this summer, as I snapchat those returning from abroad and those departing for it, as I cry-laughing texting those who I’ll be seeing every day come September, and as I tearfully (and repeatedly) say goodbye to those who have finished their last year on the Hill, I’ll keep this blog updated. Holy Cross gave me memories and family for a lifetime; it feels only right that I share these sentiments with those thinking of coming here as well.

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